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Woman with Flowers on her Hair

Just having a flower makes my heart beat.

When the flowers are beautifully decorated, the joy swells.

Furthermore, if people with rich "colors" gather there,

I'm sure  it will be an unforgettable moment.


Create a space through flowers, with each "color"

TRICOROSE is a flower brand that creates a space-time that you can share your joy.

Your Color , Your Style


The word "color".

In Japan, it is known as a word that describes the various colors that we see.

Did you know that the word "Color" in English includes the meaning of "likeness, individuality, sensibility, and values"?


The various colors weaving in the natural world fascinate us.

Perhaps it is because they are living proudly with the unwavering personality of as they are = Color.


Each of us has a "Color".

Think about  his and rediscover the richer of your own "Color"


─ The flower brand "TRICOROSE" was born based on that wish and creates "the space-time of colors and flowers."



We are a flower brand that enriches your "color" through flowers.

we are  not an importer, a wholesaler or even a  flower shop.


We will create a “color space-time” where everyone involved can share emotions and joy together.

Organizations, companies, products, communities,  etc.

Focusing on the "color" of each

─ Your Color, Your Style ─


In your own color. In your own way of life.

That is our concept.



Here are some of the events that we have been hosted.

We will also introduce it on our blog , take  a look there as well.

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