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 Flowers Match with everything 


フラワー エモーショナル マーケティング

Flowers in Cone
In Japan, where digitalization, declining birthrate, aging population and late marriage are advancing, the society in which consumers are satisfied by consuming goods is over.
It is no an exaggeration to say that the "Japanese sensibility" has been deteriorated.
In such an era, it is necessary to reconsider what it means to communicate with "people" once again and seek a better way of communication.
Flower emotional marketing is a new marketing method using flowers that solves one-on-one communication in a society where digitalization is progressing and each person is isolated.
At the point of contact between your company and your customers, we add "flowers" and "moving stories" to bring out and utilize the value and charm of companies, organizations, products / services and people. It is a unique marketing consulting service that appeals to the sensibilities, leaves them in memory, and supports "creating fans (acquiring loyal customers)".
Currently, as an in-house operated business that has introduced flower emotional marketing,
・ Rose "TRICOROSE" that you will never forget, which can be colored in your color ~ Your Color, Your Style ~
・ Direct delivery of flowers and smiles from flower producing areas around the world "VOLARE" ~ Flower Makes Smile ~

I want to see it again! Also want to buy!

Make your customers "fans" of your company

  • Raise awareness of products / services and brands

  • Product / service and brand differentiation

  • Acquiring repeat customers and make loyal customers

  • Build customer relationships

  • Improvement of the variations in sales results by store and sales person

Those points can be realized by appealing to customers in the emotional phase through flowers,

As a result, it leads to sales improvement



A  marketing Solution.


Leave in the customer's "memory"

Only stops your just eyes, the human mind does not work. For the first time in to become a "memory", a person to or enables the act of "remember".

We will propose flower decorations, productions, and events using colorful flowers so that each and every potential customer can remember  your products and brands.

Flowers and Denim
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