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会社名 株式会社ユニバーサルフラワーサービス
設立  2016年7月27日

本店  〒102-0083

長野営業所 〒381-4301 

関連会社: IKEBANA CO SAS(コロンビア共和国)
​     (100%子会社)


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Sat- Sun: Closed

資本金 950万円(2023年12月末現在)
従業員数 5名(役員含む。パート・アルバイト除く)

​取引銀行 横浜銀行たまプラーザ支店

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代表取締役 社長 中本 剛史



1985年 広島県広島市出身

2008年 東京大学経済学部経済学科卒業






共同創業者 兼 マーケティング・マネージャー 

Co-founder& Marketing Manager Mónica Miranda 

1979年 コロンビア・イバゲ生まれ 
2002年 ハベリアナ大学社会コミュニケーション学部卒業 
2010年 バルセロナ自治大学スペイン文学言語学修士課程修了 
2022年 リオハ国際大学にて脚本修士号取得




For example, one rose  is sold at a flower shop.


Splendid overlapping petals and supple stems.

If you shift your gaze from the thorns that snuggle up to it, you will find a number of adorable leaves that dance as if to soften their dignity.

This flower has the value of enchanting "beauty".



Let's wrap this beautiful flower, is a moment of excitement. Let's finish it with a nice ribbon.

The gift is your loved one. Today is a memorable and important day.

The love you put into it will wrap you around the flower, wrap you up with a smile, and this time around you.


"This flower is representing  a beautiful country with warm sunlight ..."

If you add such a story to dinner time, the conversation will be even more exciting.



─ Yes, they make  special this moment ─


The value of one rose lined up at that storefront is "an indispensable presence in the scene".

It swells to great value that cannot be achieved by beauty and price.

And this value, which many will feel bulging, 

we think is the original value of a single rose.


However, how many things in the world have the "original value" delivered as it is?

There are many cases where the original value is not delivered this applies not only to flowers, but also to organizations, companies, people, products, and services.


Universal Flower Service Co., Ltd. is through the value of "flowers"

To maximize and utilize the "original value" of all organizations, companies, people, products, and services.

A marketing and consultancy  company.


Over 14 years of experience and know-how in the flower industry

as an experts on cut flower imports such as logistics, quality control, and marketing.

We have also cultivated connections with various overseas production areas.


Taking advantage of all of them, transcending language, culture, and business customs, while communicating politely

from the perspectives of both the "delivering side" and the receiving side, we make proposals with flowers to deliver their original value.

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